Get Involved

You can support Opportunity Youth by:

  • Participating in the Coalition – The Flint & Genesee Opportunity Youth Coalition Steering Committee meets monthly. You can help drive the work.
  • Adjusting programs and services to impact the Opportunity Youth population – As a service-provider, you may be able to target your programs or collect data for Opportunity Youth.
  • Hiring a young person – As an employer, you can benefit from an Opportunity Youth worker and receive supports to retain this employee.
  • Donate funds – The Genesee Chamber Foundation can accept funds that support the collective efforts to connect young people to education and employment.

To get involved or to take advantage of these opportunities, contact Meghan Slaght.


Join the OpportunityFlintandGenesee Facebook Group to stay up-to-date about programs and job opportunities for Opportunity Youth. Partners can post their own events and programs and are encouraged to invite young people to join too.