Efforts to understand and address the challenges of Opportunity Youth are in place throughout the country. Provided here are links and research to enhance our local understanding of the issues and interventions.


Opportunity Index

Grad Nation – America’s Promise Alliance

Reconnecting Opportunity Youth: Data Reference Guide, March 2015

Getting Started with Data-Driven Decision Making: A Workbook

Identifying Potential Dropouts: Key Lessons for Building an Early Warning Data System

Meet the Out-of-Work

Best Practice/Community Case Studies

Employing Opportunity Youth: Recognizing and Reinforcing the Business Case

True Opportunity For Opportunity Youth

Grads for Life

Diplomas Now

The Graduation Effect

Jobs for the Future

My Brother’s Keeper Task Force Report

Aspen Institute

Collective Impact for Opportunity Youth – FSG

Spreading Innovation – Collective Impact Case Studies – Jobs for the Future

Mobilizing a Cross-Sector Collaborative for Systemic Change: Lessons from Project U-Turn, Philadelphia’s Campaign to Reduce the Dropout Rate

Every Child, Every Promise: Turning Failure into Action

Accounting for Opportunity: A Fiscal Scan for New Orleans Opportunity Youth

Reconnecting Opportunity Youth: The Issue, The Impact, The Opportunity for New Orleans

In and Beyond Schools: Putting More Youth on the Path to Success with Integrated Support

Supporting Opportunity Youth on Postsecondary Pathways: Lessons from Two States

Pathways for Success for Michigan’s Opportunity Youth

Saving Our Future: How Post-Secondary Preparation & Success is key to a viable Flint – The UPASS Model

My Brothers Keeper – Life Course Framework for Improving the Lives of Boys and Men of Color

Career 360: An Employer-Led Approach to Bridging the Opportunity Divide

High School Dropouts

The Dropout Crisis: Promising Approaches in Prevention and Recovery

Beyond the Indicators: An Integrated School-Level Approach to Dropout Prevention

Building a Grad Nation: Progress and Challenge in Raising High School Graduation Rates

Freshman Year: The Make-it or Break-it Year

High School Disconnection: Insights from the Inside

What your community can do to end its dropout crisis: Learnings from Research and Practice


Attendance and Health