Even service-providers have a hard time finding the right program or service for their clients. As a result, the Opportunity Youth Coalition has developed a referral tool for partners to share their information, promote their programs and services, and tighten the network of providers to best connect young people with the resources they need.

Access the tool here: providers.opportunityflintandgenesee.org

As a provider, you can:

  1. Register your program or service
  2. Search the system for services or programs that your client(s) need
  3. Find partners for future projects or align services

To Register/Enter a Program:

  1. Click on the “Register” button
  2. Enter each program individually into the system
  3. Each entry will be validated by an administrator and become searchable by other partners

If you have any questions of concerns, feel free to contact mslaght@flintandgenesee.org.